Sunday, March 15, 2009

Baby Waiting

Ok, since this will be my first post on here,(Brandon) I thought I would include a picture of my babies;) I don't think I can add anything new, as Stef is pretty adept at sharing news.

I do want to say that in all of the problems and obstacles we have faced, there have been people that stand out as helping me make it through. God has been so gracious, patient, merciful, and steadfast in our wavering faith. When we aren't strong, HE certainly carries us. When we think we're strong, He waits and holds us in His grasp until we run back to Him. My wonderful wife has put up with me, and pregnancy woes without complaining. She has been amazing through all of this, and I appreciate and love her more each day!

Our family and friends have been exceptionally wonderful. I can honestly say that God has put into our lives a close knit group of friends that have pulled us through the valleys. We may be at just the beginning of the real trouble, but it sure doesn't feel like trouble when we have our friends along side us! Thanks to you guys ( I think you know who you are), and I hope we can be to you what you have been to us!

Sappy speech aside, I can't wait for our little bundle to get here. These last couple weeks have truly been the hardest for me, because it's so near the end, but it's not quite here yet. It's like the last 10 minutes of a long car ride.

Can't wait to show your our little miss Rylie, but alas, you'll have to wait with the rest of us. Haha


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