Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A Cold Morning

Well, it's now Tuesday morning and we are still pregnant and looking at one week, one day left until our due date. Unfortunately, instead of maintaining our excited, "Okay, let's do anything we can to get her to go ahead and come on out," we're now hoping she waits at least a couple of days. It seems I have a very nasty cold (again). No fever, but just about all the other standards - tight congestion in the head and chest, lots of coughing, blah, blah, blah. Sooo, I'm waiting on an antibiotic from the doctor and hoping that this thing clears out totally before Rylie gets here. My nurse informed me that this little bug is going around and has a tendency to reappear around 3 weeks later - which makes sense since this would be the 3rd time (in about as many months) I've had this silly thing. I asked her what would happen if I'm still sick when the baby gets here and she said, "Welcome to motherhood. She may get sick. Which if that happens, just take her into the pediatrician. It's a gross cold, but it's not severe and it won't interfere with breast feeding either." So there you go. Another round of prayers please :) I've started to get a little nervous about the next step in all of this (the whole labor and delivery thing) and it makes me much more nervous to think about having Rylie being a germy mom. Pray that this thing gets kicked quick and Rylie (and Brandon - he's had this once, too) is protected.
With that, I think I'm going to make a quick run to the pharmacy and then back home to go back to sleep! We love you guys and are so grateful for your prayers and support! One week and one day!


Sunday, March 15, 2009

Baby Waiting

Ok, since this will be my first post on here,(Brandon) I thought I would include a picture of my babies;) I don't think I can add anything new, as Stef is pretty adept at sharing news.

I do want to say that in all of the problems and obstacles we have faced, there have been people that stand out as helping me make it through. God has been so gracious, patient, merciful, and steadfast in our wavering faith. When we aren't strong, HE certainly carries us. When we think we're strong, He waits and holds us in His grasp until we run back to Him. My wonderful wife has put up with me, and pregnancy woes without complaining. She has been amazing through all of this, and I appreciate and love her more each day!

Our family and friends have been exceptionally wonderful. I can honestly say that God has put into our lives a close knit group of friends that have pulled us through the valleys. We may be at just the beginning of the real trouble, but it sure doesn't feel like trouble when we have our friends along side us! Thanks to you guys ( I think you know who you are), and I hope we can be to you what you have been to us!

Sappy speech aside, I can't wait for our little bundle to get here. These last couple weeks have truly been the hardest for me, because it's so near the end, but it's not quite here yet. It's like the last 10 minutes of a long car ride.

Can't wait to show your our little miss Rylie, but alas, you'll have to wait with the rest of us. Haha



Good morning :) Just incase you're wondering, we're at home, obviously no baby yet, and there aren't really any changes to report since yesterday. I'm not feeling too hot this morning and we're praying that I'm just dealing with allergies and not beginning a battle with a cold. I've got the whole stuffy head, runny nose, sore throat thing going on, but a very itchy throat, too, plus itchy eyes, ears, and nose, which I'm told points a finger more at allergies rather than a cold. Either way, I don't feel too hot this morning.

"Cramps" are still there and still fairly consistent, but no increase really. My hips are pretty achey and feel like they're under a bit more pressure than they have been up to this point. Still, while we're pretty certain this is all pre-labor stuff, we've been reminded that this kind of thing can last for days and even weeks sometimes, so it could still be a while before we visit the hospital.

In other news, Brandon got to come home a little early last night and it's a big blessing to know that he's home for a few days and now that I'm officially on Spring Break, we can tackle the necessities that need to be completed pre-Rylie together, then focus on some "us" time! We've both been dying to get out of the house and catch a movie or do a few fun date things before baby gets here, but we've been tripped up by work-related stuff or obligations at home.

So... that's about it. I probably won't post again unless there's something major, but I wanted to let you all know where we are this morning incase you were wondering if we made a hospital run during the night. We love you and we'll keep you posted!

Lots of Love-

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Rylie Watch

Not to worry, I'm not in labor - at least not yet. However, I'm writing a short post tonight for a couple of reasons: to begin what I'm sure will turn out to be a long series of updates and once again request a little bit of prayer.

The update. I have been experiencing an increase today in what I can only describe as cramping in my lower abdomen, hips, and lower back... and the increase has been consistent (I'm feeling these things about every 15-20 minutes). Could be the beginnings of contractions? We're not totally sure, but in addition to what I'm feeling, Rylie has also made a very visible change within the last few hours. I was sitting in our living room floor near the coffee table today and when I leaned back I noticed a great deal of space between the top of my outward-sloping tummy and we'll say... the bra line (sorry, boys). Typically you might notice enough space to expose a rib or two. Today, we noticed that my entire rib cage is now exposed and the top of the baby bulge is just beneath the last rib. So, although our daughter's arrival could still be a week or two away, we're finally starting to notice some changes ourselves that are giving us the impression that we'll be making our decent into parenthood not too long from now.

Now for the prayer part. I still have a few things on my plate that really need to get finished before Rylie makes her appearance. First, I have a last round of grades - YUCK - that I need to finish and second, I have some things with my alternative certification program that need to be completed as well. Please pray that I'm able to focus long enough over the next day or two to finish the grades and get at least a little bit of the ECAP stuff done so that I get to turn my attention completely to Rylie and my hubby without worrying about anything else. It's ironic to me that even though I've been "laid off" from my job, it's still job-related irons that need to be pulled out of the fire.

Anyway, that's about it for this evening. We'll keep you posted should there be any significant developments and we're praying that we have a baby girl in our arms within the next few days! We love you all, we're so thankful for your prayers and your support and we can't wait to be able to introduce you all to baby Rylie!

Lots of love -

Friday, July 4, 2008

Poor Pots

Hi everyone!! I promised that this time around I would post some pictures from our exciting pottery class, so this post is dedicated to our "Poor Pots". So the first shot is of Brandon and his "chips and salsa" project. He did SUCH a great job with this and I am SO GLAD I got a picture of it because, unfortunately, it wound up as just "salsa" project. You'll see when you scroll down. The next shot is our teacher (Carolyn Adkisson) who's helping Bran to try and trim down his "chips and salsa" project, because it got a little too thin. We discovered that this is an excellent project, but to do it successfully, the potter needs a bigger bat. (A bat is platform that hooks to the wheel on which pots are "thrown".) The edges of the "chips" portion of the project started to flare and so Carolyn was called in to help him try and salvage it. Unfortunately, there was only salvaging the "salsa" part of the project, which is the next picture you'll see. The next in our series, is the mound of clay sitting on the edge of Brandon's wheel - this is the aftermath of the "chips" project. R.I.P. The next shot is of a pot I threw to go on my desk at work. I'm turning it into a candle holder although it looks more like a pitcher. It has two windows (one on each side) and then a little (non-functional) chimney on the handle. Brandon's post-bisquing (first round of firing) piece is up next - it actually is a pitcher, unlike mine. After that, we have the "baby on the brain" piece. This is a door plate I made to go on the door to a baby's room when we do start thinking about kiddos. It's a classic "Pooh" that I sculpted and attached to the plate, along with a "tag" that says "BABY". After that, we have Brandon's "baby on the brain" piece, that's a small pot with Pooh's "Hunny" on it. We'll have a classic Pooh theme in our baby room when do have a little one. Lastly, is a project I threw last week and carved last night. It's a honeycomb and two bees carved into the pot. This will also be a candle holder. So that's it!! Those are our excursions in pottery so far. I'll post more pictures when we get them glazed (on a better camera - I forgot my camera at home last night, so these were snapped via cell phone).

We love you and hope you're doing well!!!

Monday, June 30, 2008

Summertime and the Livin' is Easy... well, sort of.

Hello! Welcome to the Poor House! We have tried this little thing a couple of times and alas, to no avail. But, with the state of our lives lately, we thought it high time to establish a spot where we can post the latest and greatest occurences in our neck of the woods so that (1) you know we are still living, (2) you're up-to-date with what's going on in our lives, and (3) you know that we love and miss each of you, even when we're running around like the crazy people we are and forget to write or call (we can be really bad about that - sorry!).

So let's get started.

The Weather Outside is Frightful
Although we're a good 6 months away from the Christmas season (though Hobby Lobby would like us to think it's next week; for those of you who haven't ventured in there yet, our local store already has ALL their Christmas stuff out - ALL of it) it's an appropriate heading for what's going on in Texas. We had a few little thunderstorms pass through last week, but they were more bark than bite, and we wound up with very little rain, which we need. It does make for fewer mosquitoes in our area, though small ponds and lakes could go nastily stagnant in our triple-digit heat if we continue to go without precipitation. So, pray for some showers for the Texans if you think of it. We're so thankful to have the modern conveniences of air conditioning and a swimming pool in our apartment complex, although we've kept so busy that we've only had time to really enjoy one of those.

Brandon is happily plugging along at GPPD, and ever the model police officer. Although it is a job with a great potential for dangerous situations, I, like his colleagues and supervisors, think he was born to do what he's doing. He's taken part in several major "busts" in Grand Prairie, including being responsible for a lead that led to the arrest of a sexual assault suspect in in nearby Arlington. When he's not focusing on his work, he's at home with his latest gadget purchase (he bought an XBox 360 last week), playing "Call of Duty 4", a military/adventure video game. Although I don't care to play the game myself, I do sit behind him and play the navigator ("No, no, no! Go back to the left, you forgot to pick up your sergeant!"). It's so movie-like, I can't help it. On Wednesday nights, though he has the day off, he devotes his time between the hours of 8pm and 2am to training with the K-9 Unit, in the hope that it will help him to be a more eligible candidate if a spot opens up to add a new handler (although, truth be told, he really looks forward to his K-9 meetings and I think he'd go regardless of an open spot out of a love for it). He's dreamed of being a part of K-9 before he even became an officer and we're hoping to hear of something definite by sometime in October. If we do, we'll add "first-time home owners" to our laundry list of accomplishments this year; in order to become a K-9 handler, we have to be able to house the dog assigned to Brandon. In order to house the dog, we have to have a house (the department will pay for and install a kennel in the backyard). On the one hand, it will be a HUGE blessing to own our own home - we're just about done with apartment life and hoping to make that plunge within the next year or so, regardless. On the other hand, it's a huge responsibility, and we are doing our best to start preparing for it now and praying that God opens the right doors. On Thursday nights, Brandon's other night off, we've enrolled ourselves in a pottery class! It has proved to be one of the smartest decisions we've made this year. It serves as a great date night (the class only has 5 people in it, including Brandon and me), it's a phenomenal stress reliever and distraction from the chaos that seems to be running rampant with us these days (more on that in a moment), and it's a great creative outlet that has shed some light on Brandon's hidden talents - he is REALLY good! He made a pot last week that will go in a baby's room (no, we are not pregnant, but more on that later, too) someday and it is ADORABLE! I'll try and snap a picture of it during our next class and post it later this week.

As for me, I am at a point in my life where I feel as if I have been travelling for the past 20 years on an old highway or even a dirt road, and coming up to this point in the journey that's the equivalent of the High 5 in Dallas (or, for the non-Texans, a major overlapping and intersecting of multiple interstates). I am recently employed - I will be a first-time teacher in the fall of 6th graders in the subjects of English and Social Studies. This has been the biggest blessing so far this year - of the last two or three years, really. I am blessed that women in my generation do not and will not know discrimination in the work place like those who have gone before us - if you can dream of doing it, you can do it. However, the choices are limitless, and the women in my generation are faced with same questions a lot of times that men ask themselves. What do I do with my life? What's my purpose? What am I best designed for? I have always thought my job would be the largest arena in my life in which I would find individual fullfilment and accomplishment. In the last few years I've done a little of everything in the pursuit of that idea - I've tried out singing, photography, administrative work, and substitute teaching. I've been blessed (again and again) with a husband who's been supportive in my ventures and who's been patient with me while I figure out where I am supposed to be. In the process of all this, God is ever changing my heart. I have lowered a bar - not all bars, just A bar - and I am learning to enter the work place with little expectations. I am learning to exist as a passenger and a vessel, instead of the driver, the controller. As it turns out, this is the ultimate lesson that I'm learning across the board - I am not in control of my own life, and I am not MEANT to be in control of my own life. Jobs, relationships, health, children, homes, vehicles, finances - who seriously wants to fight the Creator for full the weight of all that? I did. It sounds so silly, but I think it will forever be one of the biggest "Duh" moments in my life, and finally it's sinking in, and I'm giving it over to Someone who can handle the wheel. So. Like I said, I'll be a new teacher in the Fall. I'm fiercely overwhelmed somedays because I have a long way to go to get where I need to be, but most days I'm more excited to do this than I have ever been about any job I've ever done. To prep for it (I have to get my alternative teaching certificate) I am enrolled in ECAP, a local program in Fort Worth. I have 4 weeks of "intensive training" that begins on the 7th of July (one week from today), followed by one blissful week of relaxation before I take the plunge. The second week in August, I start New Teacher Orientation, followed by a week of Teacher Inservice, followed by the first day of school. Aside from the job, I am in the process of a "physical" makeover. I am not a healthy eater. I have ALWAYS struggled to be a healthy eater, and after the addition of some very unwanted weight, I am on the road to recovering a healthier, more energetic me. (Prayer would be appreciated!) So, between, classes, homework, exercising, and prepping for the year, I find myself super busy, but pleasantly, too. It's a big blessing to not have to sit at home and wait for the phone to ring.

Where the Poor Family is concerned (meaning, both Brandon AND me), we are looking into going a bit more "green" in the near future by swapping out Brandon's only Texas status symbol (a Chevy truck) for a new Camry Hybrid. Although we're thrilled it's a "greener" car, really we're doing it for the added green in our pockets when we won't be shelling out half our earnings to foot a rising gas bill. We're hoping the car gets in sometime in July. Despite the boom in Hollywood (AND in Fort Worth - I swear, we're avoiding the water), there are no babies on the horizon for the Poors. At least not yet. I am hoping to get good and settled at school this year, Brandon is hoping to secure a K-9 spot, we are hoping to get into a house, and then maybe next year we'll have something different to report. For now, we're content to play the aunt and uncle of all the upcoming babies our friends are being blessed with.

WHEW! So! If you've kept up with all that, there's quite a few irons in the fire at the Poor house! And I'm sure that as the months go by, there will be a few more. I'll try and keep you updated weekly as to what's new - some weeks there may be more to report than others. We love hearing from friends and family, and we apologize if we don't respond right away, but please keep us posted as to what's going on in your lives as well!! If you're ever bored, you can also check out my occasional ramblings at my personal blog, http://stephaniepoor.blogspot.com/ or on my MySpace page as well (same blog, same content). I find that writing for me is incredibly cathartic and so I blab about a new movie we caught or a piece of news that irked me, things like that, just to be able to write a little.

Oh! I almost forgot about the other Poor family member. MAYA is doing well, also! She's done growing, and we're thrilled. She's topped out at 70 pounds and although she seems huge to most people, up next to an American-bred German Shepherd, she's actually quite small. She continues to love her mid-morning playdates with a ball or a frisbee, as well as walks, a bone or a chew toy, and the top crust from my sandwich at lunch. She has developed a passionate dislike for the ceiling fan and maintains her animosity towards the vacuum as well (although she has a higher degree of disdain for the squirt bottle, so she's learning to make peace with the latter a little better).

So I think that's about it! I hope you're all doing well and we look forward to seeing each of you sometime soon!!

All our love,
The Poors